Research interest

My main research focuses on the role different sensory systems play in the foraging ecology of vertebrates, concentrating on how animals (mainly birds) extract information from their environment. Especially, I am interested in birds' visual and olfactory abilities. My model is mainly raptors and I try to improve the link between science and falconry, a hobby that can be essential to understand the biology of raptors.

Running projects

Visual acuity

Harris's hawk

We aim to identify from how far away some raptors can identify an object of a known size, both with an achromatic and a chromatic pattern.

Visual field

Golden eagle

We are trying to understand the visuals field configuration of raptors in regard to their foraging tactics and prey capture.


Condor fovea

We are performing a comparative analysis to understand the development and the possible physical function of the fovea.

Temporal resolution of raptors

Southern caracara

While the spatial resolution has been estimated in a number of raptor species, we still do not know how rapid they can see. Such experiment is essential to increase animal welfare in captivity.

Pursuit-evasion strategy

Black kite

Our goal is to understand the role of vision in the pursuit-evasion strategy of raptors, using birds from falconry.

Head stabilisation

Peregrine falcon

The study of head stabilization in flight may help to understand how raptors can use their high visual acuity while foraging.

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