15/10/20 I have been invited to write a review on the visual differences between predatory and scavenging raptors, just published in Diversity

16/07/20 If you want to know how the visual system is tuned for diurnal and nocturnal raptors, please see our new paper : Visual adaptations of diurnal and nocturnal raptors published in Seminars in Cell & Developmental Biology

09/04/20 I was on TV (ARTE) to speek about the silent flight in owls: A l'écoute de la nature, le fou volant.

09/04/20 Another paper published in Scientific reports: Inter-individual differences in foveal shape in a scavenging raptor, the black kite Milvus migrans

10/03/20 A paper published with Tom Lisney: Retinal topography in two species of flamingo (Phoenicopteriformes: Phoenicopteridae)

13/12/19 Another paper published in Journal of Experimental Biology: How fast can raptors see?

05/10/19 I just got my review on olfaction in raptors published in the Zoological Journal of the Linnean Society

19/12/18 I was on TV (France 3) to speek about falconry and my ongoing experiments about temporal resolution in raptors

17/10/18 Finally, the last paper of my PhD has been published in Animal Cognition. Sight or smell: which senses do scavenging raptors use to find food?

12/08/18 My first postdoc paper has been published in Proceedings of the Royal Society B. High resolution of colour vision, but low contrast sensitivity in a diurnal raptor

08/07/18 In collaboration with Olivier Duriez, we published in the AFdPZ journal to show the necessity of collaboration between scientists and zoological parks

15/05/18 The sixth paper of my PhD has been published in Journal of Experimental Biology. Visual field shape and foraging ecology in diurnal raptors

05/05/18 The fifth paper of my PhD has been published in Journal of Avian Biology. Preen oil chemical composition encores individuality, seasonal variation and kinship in black kites Milvus migrans

21/04/18 We just published a complete review on raptor vision

26/01/18 The conference I gave in the Museum of Natural history of Toulouse is now online (in French) here

25/10/17 I was on TV (Planete +) for the documentary: "Nos 5 sens". I will put the link as soon as possible

13/10/17 Fourth thesis paper published in Brain, behavior and Evolution. Eye size, fovea and foraging ecology in accipitriform raptors

01/09/17 Third thesis paper published in Ibis. Visual configuration of two species of Falconidae with different foraging ecologies

19/12/16 I just got a postdoctoral position at the University of Lund with Almut Kelber as supervisor for at least one year. The aim of the project will be to understand chromatic visual acuity in raptors

18/10/16 I defended my PhD at the University of Montpellier and CEFE with Francesco Bonadonna and Olivier Duriez as supervisors. The thesis can be found here

31/08/16 Second thesis paper published in The Journal of Experimental Biology for understanding the visual acuity, visual field and the morphology of the fovea(s) of two raptors with different ecology, the Harris's hawk and the Black kite

20/03/16 I was on TV (France 3) for the documentary: "On n'est pas que des cobayes". Please click on the video link on the left

09/03/16 First thesis paper published in Physiology & Behavior on understanding the visual acuity of a carrion-eating raptor, the chimango caracara

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